Hydrography90m layers tiles merging script

Here is a bash scripiting procedure to merge tiled raster and vector files of the Hydrography90m dataset. Please see the paper by Amatulli et al. (2022) for further details.

Merge tiled raster files

gdalbuildvrt basin.vrt basin_h16v02.tif basin_h16v03.tif
gdal_translate -co COMPRESS=DEFLATE -co ZLEVEL=9 basin.vrt  basin.tif

Merge tiled vector files

ogrmerge.py -single -progress -skipfailures -overwrite_ds -f GPKG -o basin.gpkg  basin_h16v02.gpkg basin_h16v03.gpkg
rm -f basin_dissolved.gpkg  
ogr2ogr  -nlt POLYGON -dialect sqlite -sql "SELECT ST_Union(ST_MakeValid(geom)),"ID" FROM merged GROUP BY "ID" " basin_dissolved.gpkg basin.gpkg

We will gradually add more functions for merging, masking etc. the layers in bash, Python and R.